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Serving Sioux Falls, SD and the surrounding area! 


Here at Simply Ever After Entertainment, LLC, we understand the power of fairy tales. They teach us to follow our dreams, believe in miracles, and to be kind. We make it our mission to create a quality experience for any child that meets one of our fairy tale characters  right here in South Dakota! On this website you will find our party packages that can be adapted individually to meet your needs! Thank you for visiting our website today!

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Super Plumber Parties are Now Available! 

Our favorite brothers and their royal friend are ready to have a SUPER time with you! They have all sorts of activities to make your child feel like a winner! 

Find out more on our Bookings Page! 

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Explore the wizarding world with one of our magical students! They will help you be sorted into your house, play games, and introduce you to their mystical world! 

Find out more on our Bookings Page! 


Wizarding World Parties are Now Available! 

Galaxy Fighter Parties are Now Available! 

Our saber-weilding performers have trained for this moment- for the chance to teach your young one how to become part of their mission to protect the galaxy!

Find out more on our Bookings Page! 

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