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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: I've booked my party- when will I hear from you? 


We will get back to you within a week of your booking.  This wait is due to a couple factors.  Our business owner and the one in charge of all bookings, emails, and calls, is a full time teacher.  That is why all confirming calls will need to take place after 4:30.  We also need to confirm with performers that we have the availability to attend your party.  Depending on how in advance you are, that can also cause a delay. 


Once we confirm your party, we will email you to schedule a time to talk on the phone.  During the phone call we will confirm details, answer questions, and take payment via Square over the phone.  If you would prefer a Paypal invoice, we are more than happy to send one!     


Question 2: How does a party typically go?


Each party package is slightly different, but we do have a general script we go by.  We start off with story time, and then usually go on a scavenger hunt for items themed to the character you've chosen.  We have a variety of additional games we plan based on the number of children and the character, as well as a speaker we bring for music themed games.  If you've chosen a party package longer than 30 minutes, you will also receive superhero training or princess training. Please see our party packages for additional activities.


Question 3: I have both boys and girls coming to my party. Will they all feel included in the activities?


Our character parties are not catered to a specific gender, but to the character chosen.  Your character will treat each child as a special guest, regardless of gender, and all are included in our games or activities as long as the child wants to be included.  We have glitter tattoos for each gender, and they can choose whichever pile they wish to look through! 

Question 4: How do I get my pictures from the party? Can I take my own photos? 


We will send you the edited pictures from your party for an additional $40 due to the amount of time it takes to edit all the photos from a party. Photos will be sent to the client via a Google Drive folder within 30 days of their party.  Photos are still taken, so you may change your mind after the fact and email us if you would like your photos.  There is a max of 50 photos.  You can definitely take your own photos! This is just an additional service we offer. 

* These party photos will include every great photo we have, specifically the individual shots with the character, group pictures, and key moments like coronation, superhero training, and perhaps blowing out candles.  Factors like lighting, burring of running children, and space to move for our photographer/assistant can all affect the photos you receive.  There is no guarantee to any specific photo due to this. 

Question 5: How many characters can I have at my party? 


You can have any number, as long as we have the available performers! Additional characters are $80 per hour. 

Question 6: Where should the party be held? Can you come to my house?


We do come to houses! We can arrange to have our princesses, superheroes, or other characters visit a variety of venues, ranging from hotel party rooms, restaurants, schools, and homes.  We do suggest that the amount of space available is brought into account so that there is room to move around.  We can also attend parties at parks, though not on days where it's over 85 degrees.  We do not allow parties to take place in private hotel rooms.



Question 7: How far do you travel? Is there a Travel fee?

For events, we will travel up to 1.5 hours away from our base location in Sioux Falls, SD, and those events must be at least an hour in length.  For parties, we will also travel up to 1.5 hours, but those parties must be at least an hour in length as well. We have a travel fee of .60 per mile.  

Question 8: Why do you do for a deposit? What is your cancelation policy?

We are currently asking for a $75 deposit for all parties booked, which is applied to your party total.  We ask for the deposit as protection in case of cancelations.  We have a lot of prep work that goes into each party booked, and the deposit covers that loss in case of cancelation.  If we cannot fulfill your party request due to availability on our end, you will be given a refund in full.  You will also be given a full refund in the case of illness, COVID related instances, and Acts of God.  Partial refunds will be given in case of severe weather.  

Question 9: What Disney characters do you have? Are you aware of copyright?


We at Simply Ever After Entertainment use characters that are transformative figures from age-old fairytales.  There is no intention of copyright infringement of any company's characters, and we are not affiliated with any companies.  The themes of courage, kindness, intelligence, and bravery are universal and will always be admired.  We love our original costume designs and enjoy drawing ideas from fairytale history.  Nearly all of our costumes were hand made by our owner! If you are looking for entertainment or characters created by another company, such as Disney, please contact their offices. 

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