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We love events! If you are interested in us for your event or fundraiser, please contact us by email for a quote at

God of Thunder
Frog Princess
Sleeping Beauty
Girl of Steel
Ice Princess

Question 1

How much would it be to have characters at my event?

A: This all depends on how many characters, and for how long.  We have a base starting cost, and then we add a fixed amount per character per hour.  You can see options for events as well as birthday parties in our booking request form on the "Party Packages" page

Question 2

Will you come to our charity event/fundraiser for free? 

A: We love attending all sorts of events, and doing events for charity is very important to us.  Feel free to send us an email about your fundraiser and we will look into it. We have a number of package options that we can discuss with you!

Question 3

How far do you travel?

A: We will travel up to 1.5 hours away from Sioux Falls, SD.  Long distance visits do have an additional fee of 60 cents per mile, and such visits must be at least an hour.  If the event is over an hour away, event must be for over an hour as well. 

Events F.A.Q.s

We do Face Painting! 

We have one face painter, and she would be happy to attend your event when available! Our face painting is $75 per hour.  It cannot be added to birthday parties, only events. 


Our events can come with a variety of different options and additions! 

  • Photo Booth

    • We have multiple types of backdrops for our variety of characters.  We bring our backdrops for the entirety of our stay at your event! 

      • Please note that backdrops do not work with outdoor events!

    • This can also come with signed photos! These photos are $8 per photo, and are printed on the spot with our mobile printer!

  • Games and Activities

    • If you're having an event with kids that will stick around for an extended amount of time, we can play a few games with them! We can have dance parties, read stories, and add another layer of entertainment for your guests! 

Organizations we have worked with:

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