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Party Packages


Have any questions? Please email after checking out all the information on this page.


Princess Parties

Includes Storytime, a Gift from the Character Attending, and Games


Wizarding Parties

Members of the Wizarding World will come and visit your home for spellbinding fun! Includes things like house sorting, games, and wand waving! 


Superhero Parties

Includes Storytime, a Gift from the Character Attending, Superhero Training, and Games


Super Plumber Parties


These parties are going to be super! You can enjoy games, story time, and a variety of other activities based on your package! 


Galaxy Parties

Includes Storytime, a Gift from the Character Attending, saber training, and Games


Tea Parties

Tea Parties are 1.5 Hours long, and include a Gift from Alice, Craft Time, Tea Party Games, Etiquette Lessons, and Cupcakes!

Tips for Picking the Right Party Package for You!

1. Think about your available space
          We no longer attend parties in private hotel rooms.  We decided this based on many different factors, but mostly to make sure your little one has the best party experience they can.  We need a little room to do that!  If you choose a bigger party package, please keep in mind that  many games require an open space. 

2. What is the age of your child?
       If you have a child that is below the age of three, our 30 minute visit is most likely going to be the party package for you!  Our party packages of an hour or more are geared toward children turning 3 and up, mostly based on our princess/hero lessons, along with our coronation. 

3. What do you want to happen during the party?
     If you would like help with gifts, cake, or want something else to take place during our time with your child, we will be glad to help!  Think about your guests, and how long you believe that will take, especially if it is a family party.  We are very flexible with our time.  Please note that we are an entertainment service, however, and we require adult supervision for parties.

3. What kind of character do you want at your party? 

Our performers are dedicated to performing as their assigned characters, and each character brings something different to the table.  Characters like the Spider Hero and Rapunzel are of course going to be very energetic, while characters like the Ice Queen and our Space Bounty Hunter will be much more reserved and serious, just as they are in their source material.  That's something to keep in mind when selecting your child's character. 

Character Attendants

When we attend your child's party, we come with a character assistant as well as our character, to ensure that our performers can focus on making your little one's day.  Our character assistant will be our 'in between' for anything you wish to convey to our princesses.  Our character assistant will also photograph the party for you.  If you wish to have the photos from the party, you may request them for a $40 fee (50 photo max).
Please note that if you are booking for a daycare visit, we can not give out photos of any children that are not your own.  This has to do with child protection laws, and we want to take care of our party guests!

Coronations and Superhero Training

* The Coronation Ceremony or Superhero Training is a special moment for the birthday child! We will teach the children the ways of a princess or superhero, whether that be good manner words or being kind.  We will crown the birthday child as the princess of the party, or the give them a certificate that they passed hero training.  The birthday child gets to keep their crown!

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